# Google

Adding google login is pretty straightforward with EIK. You can use the GoogleSignIn node to get the user to sign in with their Google account and get the token. You can then use this token to authenticate the user with your backend.

Here's a step-by-step guide to adding Google login to your project:

  1. Enable Google Sign-In : To use Google Sign-In, you need to enable the Google Sign-In API for your project.

    • Go to the Google Developers Console.
    • Create a new project or select an existing one.
    • In the left sidebar, click on OAuth consent screen.
    • On the User Type page, select External and click Create.
    • You will have to enter the App Name and User Support Email and click Save and Continue. (You can skip the other fields if you want to but for a better user experience and to avoid any issues, it is recommended to fill in all the fields.) alt text
    • No scopes are required for this project, so click Save and Continue.
    • On the Next Screen, you will have option to add test users. You can skip this step by clicking Save and Continue.
    • Now you will have reached the last step. Click Back to Dashboard.
    • In the left sidebar, click on Credentials.
    • Click on Create credentials and select OAuth client ID.
    • Select Android as the application type.
    • Fill in the required fields and click Create. This will require you to enter the Package Name and SHA-1 certificate fingerprint. You can find the Package Name in the Project Settings -> Android -> Project Settings. The SHA-1 certificate fingerprint can be found in the Project Settings -> Android -> Keystore. You can also use the keytool command to get the SHA-1 fingerprint. alt text
    • Copy the Client ID and Client Secret for later use.


  1. Add Google Sign-In node : Add the GoogleSignIn node to your UI where you want the user to sign in with Google. You can use the OnSignInSuccess and OnSignInFailure events to handle the sign-in process.

google login
google login

  1. Authenticate with EOS : Once the user has signed in with Google, you can use the token to authenticate the user with EOS. You can use the LoginWithEIK node to authenticate the user with the token.

google eik node
google eik node

  1. Enable Google Login on EOS Developer Portal : You need to enable Google login on the EOS Developer Portal to allow users to sign in with their Google account. You can do this by going to the Authentication section and enabling the Google provider. The same client id has to be used here which was generated in the Google Developer Console.

alt text
alt text

And that's it! You have successfully added Google login to your project. You can now use the user's Google account to authenticate them with EOS.